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Beginnings: Media, Music, Marriage... what?

February 9th, 2017: Post-superbowl Sunday​

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Today is February 9th, 2017 - the first day I start a published, legitimate blog.

I've thought about it for awhile, and the questions of whether "does it matter?" and "what's its purpose" have been the primary questions I think that need to be asked over and over again, and occasionally answered. Right?

I just watched a bunch of Phillip DeFranco videos and then finally watched Casey Neistat's vlog day for Oct. 26, 2016, where he visited UNT (University of North Texas in Denton, TX - my alma mater) (crap! I'm an alumni of a university now, with a diploma hanging on my wall - I don't think it's hit me yet that I am no longer a collegiate student...)

The simplest way to put it is this - I am overwhelmed. Or I "get" overwhelmed, as I'm not constantly in an overwhelming state (is that grammatically correct? does anyone care? #RealQuestions).

There is *a lot* to take in when watching these YouTube videos. I'd say that a fairly large chunk of viewers watch to consume, but never ask the questions of "how did he get that shot?" and "X Y & Z had to be set up before (____) could happen?" and "how can a human do so much in one day?". But then I'm wrong - if I'm not mistaken, a large part of many YouTubers' viewership, is composed of young individuals who consume *a lot* of media, and they see this stuff, and they get it.

And that doesn't really even tap into the content itself, as well as the question of "why should someone watch every day of someone else's life?", or "why does someone share 35-95% of their life with the world at large to see?".

So much could be analyzed and written about these two questions alone.

But for now, there's a large population that is not phased by this technology at all, and they consume a lot of it, and it's incredible - but to me, it’s fairly daunting.

Of course the conversation about technology, how it's progressing, and the affect it has on our lives across the globe is too big of a question to tackle right here, right now... but it's one that is frustrating at the very least simply because the pro's and con's are so great and so influential on each of our lives, it needs to be thought about and processed - but the question is how, and in a way that isn't absolutely consuming and detrimental to one's ability to actually "go out and live their life".

Part of this blog - whatever extent it may reach across the globe, to how frequent it may be - will absolutely succeed in opening that window into how I live and think. How truthfully? That is another thing altogether.

And that's what's interesting about human beings being able to express their thoughts and emotions onto paper - we can create, we can modify, we can lie, or more honest than ever before.

As I have been making this transition into "full" adulthood as a post-collegiate individual who has a diploma on a the wall to say that she can do musical things, the concept of creativity is subtly changing for me. Believing that I am good enough and that I have something unique to share with the world is something that now has to be put into action in a more active way, if I want it to bring me notoriety, success, growth, or income. It is a challenge, and it is something that these YouTube creators are now masters at.

I am walking into work that will require me in some ways to dive into certain cultures and information that initially can be overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder if the whole "having an online presence" is even worth it. The answer to that question relies on how I want to live my life, and what extent of creating, sharing, and maintaining X, Y, and Z, on behalf of myself and of collaborators and clients is desired.

I'm 22 years old, and I feel like an old lady who does not want to look at the change happening around me. But I do... maybe I just want to look at it differently.

Oh yeah - and I'm almost 1 month into marriage. I'm a married woman now - married to the man of my dreams that I fell in love with at the age of 16. That's a story in itself, and it's still being written. How does that factor into all of this content (including musical) creation, long-term goals, media presence, and deciding that writing a blog might be either a good or necessary thing? A lot.

But I couldn't tell you how yet.

At the very least, I think it's safe to say that the amount of "connectivity" that is possible within this world is daunting. In a physical, not-completely-online sense, I can't help but get solemn with an array of emotions when I think about large groups of people all coming together for a similar thing: Comic-Con, a concert, rallies, conferences. The funny thing? I don't get the same type of solemn when it comes to church - with "corporate worship", which is a popular phrase right now in some circles for sure. I know you might be itching to know what I mean about that, but that will have to wait for another time - if in fact people care to listen. #Subscribe

But I can't help myself - this article ties into that conversation a bit, but without much context, read the article link below and tell me what you think.

I think I'll stop vaguely ranting here.

Leave comments or whatever - you do you.

Until next time,

Morgan Terese Wallace Tremillo

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